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Grand Hotel Miyoshiya


2456 Takao, Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture

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Electric train: Get off at JR Okayama Station - Niimi Station, One minute on foot. car: Get off at Chugoku Expressway Niimi IC
  • Enlarged view around

    【JR Niimi Station】
    One minute on foot.
    Exit the ticket gate and cross the bridge and immediately on your right.

    【Chugoku Expressway Niimi IC】
    About 2 minutes(Approximately 1 km).

    【Okayama Airport】
    About 70 minutes.
    "Kibi new Line" (Prefectural Route72, Okayama Kayo Line) 岡山Okayama Expressway, Kayo IC北Hokubo JCT to a Niimi中国Chugoku Expressway Niimi IC get off

    【JR Okayama Station】
    About 60 minutes by JR Hakubi Line Limited Express Yakumo, or about 90 minutes by each station stop.
  • Access to major points

    【Ikura Cave (Ikura Do)】
    15 minutes by car or 15 minutes by train

    【Maki Do Cave】
    40 minutes by car

    【Niimi Senya Onsen Ibuki-no-Sato】
    35 minutes by car

    【Ibuki no Sato Ski Resort】
    35 minutes by car