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Tourist information in Niimi city

Niimi City sightseeing and event information of Niimi City, click on the Niimi City Tourism Association below

  • Ikura Cave(Ikura Do)

    The cave has an extension of 1200m, a 50m drop in the cave, and in Western Japan it is the second largest after Shuho Do Cave
    The entrance of the dong opens up to the cliff of 240 m upright carved by the clear stream of the Takahashi River
    Together with the beauty of the valley of the Takahashi River during autumnal leaves, it is a wonderful view
    (15 minutes by car from the hotel)
  • Maki Do Cave(Maki Do)

    The inside of the extended 400 m cave is rich in variety and it is called "Doketsu Museum"
    Yosano Tekkan Akiko Married couple who came in Showa 4 years were named after having praised their beauty as "a dog filled with a strange feeling"
    (40 minutes by car)
  • Fukiya Furusato Village (Fukiya Furusato Mura)

    Coppery color of the uniform Sekishu Kawara and red iron oxide color of appearance, streets of stunning cityscape is Fukiya continued orderly, this town what, sieved Meiji from the Edo The Late, is the largest cultural heritage millionaire our Fukiya has left to posterity .

    The mansion built by the merchant as a good will be visible throughout the country.

    However, the unique point of Fukiya is that the individual residences do not wear luxury, but the husband consults with the Sekishu (now Shimane prefecture) inviting the buildings of the Miyako Daiichi, the whole town is unified It was an amazing advanced idea as a time when it was built under the concept.

    We received authorization of Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings of country in Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings.
    Takahashi City Nariwa Town Fukiya District (25 minutes by car)
  • Kin Botaru (Hime Botaru)

    "Kin Botaru" inhabiting the Tetta Town of Tetta Town is a unusual terrestrial firefly in prefecture, and it is designated as a prefectural natural treasure.
    About 10 days around July 10 every year, and can only see for a limited time.
    Since females can not fly and males do not fly high, the golden light blinking in the evening seems to have been scrambled with jewels.

    (35 minutes by car)
  • Kinugake no Taki Waterfall(Kinugake no Taki Waterfall)

    It is in the center of Ikura Kyo Gorge along Route 180, the main entrance to Niimi City, and it can be viewed from JR Hakubi Line.
    The water falling vertically from a cliff with a height of 60 m is elegant as if it was covered with white silk, and the waterfall of the night lighted up is even more beautiful.
    (15 minutes by car)
  • Rashomon (Rashomon)

    A huge natural stone gate that the limestone cave aged, leaving a part and collapsing.
    The height is close to 40 meters, and there are three more gates in the back of this gate.
    In the vicinity, unusual mosses peculiar to the limestone zone grow naturally, and the time from ancient times is carved quietly.
    (30 minutes by car)
  • Goshinkou Buki Gyoretsu(Daimyo Procession)

    Former Niimi Han of telling the state of your country containing primary lord Seki Nagaharu Hou now Niimi Funakawa Hachimangu Shrine Fall big festival events.
    A row of 64 people, including major spears, long sword, bow and arrow, and Shinka, traveled back and forth to your travel agency.
    Handmade Dobrok approved by the National Tax Agency is also acted upon by pilgrims.It is held on October 15 every year.
  • Niimi Furusato Festival

    We hold summer dances, fireworks, stalls, and much more every year on the first or second Saturday of August each year around Niimi Eki-mae -dori square.

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