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JR Hakubi Line, a 1-minute walk from Niimi Station, Chugoku Expressway, 1 km from Niimi IC, Niimi City city, of course, less Tojo of hotels and inns, Taisa, Shingo, Tessei, Tetta, such as in Hokubo It is convenient location for people coming to our hotel We accommodate from business use to family use

Accommodation ranges from business use to family use.
Room types are single room, double, twin, Japanese style room, high grade Japanese + Western style.
In the banquet room, at the banquet hall, dinner after the legal requirement, welcome reception party, celebration party, year-end party etc are accepted.
In addition, Okayama Prefecture boasts reservations for the Niimi City special product "Chiya Beef" (Chiya Gyu) cuisine.
Souvenirs, regional shipments also accept orders for Saba Matsumae Sushi.
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Grand Hotel Miyoshiya


2456 Takao, Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture

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Electric train:JR Okayama Station - get off at Niimi station, One minute on off at Chugoku Expressway Niimi IC
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Tourist information in Niimi city

  • Niimi Chiya Onsen, Ibuki no Sato

    Niimi Chiya Onsen"Ibuki no Sato" is a hot spring facility located at the prefecture border with Tottori Prefecture, the northernmost of Niimi City.
    A refreshing climate, high-quality hot spring surrounded by rich nature, heals both body and mind.
    Hot water containing a lot of bicarbonate ions is said to be gentle to your skin "hot water of beautiful skin".
  • Ikura Cave(Ikura Do)

    The extension of the cave is 1200 m, the fall fall 50 m inside the cave, in western Japan it is the size next to Shuho Do Cave.
    The entrance of the dong opens up to the cliff of 240 m upright carved by the clear stream of the Takahashi River.
    Together with the beauty of the valley of the Takahashi River in the period of autumn leaves, it is a wonderful view.
  • Maki Do Cave(Maki Do)

    The inside of the 400 m long cave is rich in variety and it is called "Doketsu Museum".
    Yosano Tekkan Akiko Married couple who came in Showa 4 years were named after having praised their beauty as "a dog filled with a strange feeling".

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