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Mackerel Matsumae Sushi

To the reservation by the day before, TEL, 0867-72-1131, to

  • Miyoshiya specially made "Saba Matsumae Sushi".
    I wrapped it in "Matsumae Konbu" which softly boiled "Domestic Mackerel" and "Niimi Koshi-Hikari".
    We use domestically produced mackerel and are finished in elegance with carefree texture.
    It is 1 piece, about 480 grams, 1,300 yen (tax included).

    Please make a reservation at least 2 days in advance.
    ※Matsumae Sushi...Originally in the Edo (time period), the Matsumae Han (Hokkaido) circulated kelp throughout the country, so "Matsumae" became a word referring to the dish using kelp.
    From that time on, in the Kansai, I called the pressed sushi of mackerel rolled kelp and called "Matsumae Sushi".(We are using Kuro Matsumae Konbu our shop.) 

"Regional shipping" began!

  • Application is by fax or telephone!

    Payment is cash only.
    Payment by credit is not possible.
  • (Please print and use)
  • Saba Matsumae Sushi, One, Approximately 480 g, ¥ 1,300(tax included)