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Mackerel Matsumae Sushi

To the reservation by the day before, TEL, 0867-72-1131, to

  • Miyoshiya specially made "Saba Matsumae Sushi".
    I wrapped it in "Matsumae Konbu" which softly boiled "Domestic Mackerel" and "Niimi Koshi-Hikari".
    We use domestically produced mackerel and are finished in elegance with carefree texture.
    It is 1 piece, about 480 grams, 1,300 yen (tax included).

    Please make your reservation by the day before.
    ※Matsumae Sushi...Originally in the Edo (time period), the Matsumae Han (Hokkaido) circulated kelp throughout the country, so "Matsumae" became a word referring to the dish using kelp.
    From that time on, in the Kansai, I called the pressed sushi of mackerel rolled kelp and called "Matsumae Sushi".(We are using Kuro Matsumae Konbu our shop.) 

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  • Saba Matsumae Sushi, One, Approximately 480 g, ¥ 1,300(tax included)